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Maggie McGown for SNP Leadership & Independence!

As I stand before you, poised to lead Scotland into a new era of prosperity and progress, I am filled with a sense of purpose and determination. My name is Maggie McGown, and I have a vision for our nation—a vision that transcends the constraints of the past and embraces the boundless potential of the future.


Imagine a Scotland unshackled from the burdens of antiquated laws and regulations, a Scotland where innovation thrives, and economic growth knows no bounds. That is the Scotland I envision—a land of opportunity and possibility for all who call it home.

My journey began with a realization—a realization that Scotland's potential was being stifled by laws that were centuries old, laws that served only to impede progress and hinder development. It was time for a change—a seismic shift in our approach to governance and legislation.


With this in mind, I embarked on a bold mission to identify and repeal the archaic laws that held Scotland back. I assembled a team of legal experts from Edinburgh's top law firms, charging them with the task of scouring the books for any laws that hindered economic growth and innovation. Together, we began the process of streamlining our legal framework, paving the way for a more agile and dynamic Scotland.


But my vision extends far beyond mere legal reform. I believe in unleashing Scotland's full potential, harnessing the power of our natural resources and our people to propel us forward into a brighter future.


One of my most ambitious proposals is the construction of a new superhighway linking Glasgow to Durness—a feat of engineering that will revolutionize transportation in Scotland. Inspired by the autobahns of Europe, this superhighway will offer unrestricted travel, free from the constraints of speed limits. To ensure its viability, I propose enlisting the support of prestigious automotive brands as sponsors, transforming this highway into a symbol of Scotland's modernity and progress.


But economic prosperity cannot come at the expense of our environment. That is why I am committed to expanding Scotland's clean energy capabilities through the construction of modern nuclear power plants. By embracing renewable resources, we can secure Scotland's energy independence and pave the way for a sustainable future.


Of course, none of this is possible without a robust and dynamic economy. That is why I advocate for a radical overhaul of our tax system, one that incentivizes investment and rewards entrepreneurship. By slashing corporate tax rates and implementing innovative fiscal policies, we can attract businesses and investors from around the world, positioning Scotland as a global economic powerhouse.


But my vision for Scotland goes beyond mere economic reform. I believe in creating a society that is fair and just, where opportunity is not determined by wealth or privilege. That is why I am committed to redistributing the revenues from our key industries—oil and whisky—fairly and equitably, ensuring that every Scot benefits from the wealth generated by our natural resources.


Furthermore, I am dedicated to expanding Scotland's population and influence on the global stage. By welcoming skilled workers from around the world and incentivizing investment in sectors like technology, we can position Scotland as a dynamic hub of innovation and opportunity.


But perhaps most importantly, I believe in the power of democracy and self-determination. That is why I advocate for a new referendum—a referendum that will empower the people of Scotland to shape their own destiny and determine the path forward for our nation.


My vision for Scotland is bold and ambitious, but it is also achievable. With determination and resolve, we can build a Scotland that is prosperous, sustainable, and just—a Scotland that is truly fit for the 21st century. And together, we can make that vision a reality.


You can learn more about me and my exciting new plans for Scotland in Andrew Wood’s new book Death of a Union.

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